What is this, MAD ? “Architecture is the will of the epoch translated into space” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

No, MAD is not a childish joke. MAD is a conception about living. It is the desire to change the conception about people’s day-to-day activity. It is a perception that goes beyond the understanding that a house, a commercial space or an office are just concrete and glass areas. It means a new vision in a new world, constant adaptability is our favorite ability. And MAD vision is that space must be alive, populated by happy people, living, working and enjoying light, sun, music, and tree leaves. MAD creates solutions able to change architectural space: from strategy and consulting to financing, design and interior decoration. Our business is to create a more beautiful life, not just build buildings. That’s why MAD Projects is different.

Mad is an acronym, an abbreviation. It can have several meanings: manufacturing all dreams, making affordable desires, make almost anything, etc. But the right meaning to read it is: Make A Difference.

Our goal is to create value not through complicated volumes, but through the beauty of the details, through adapted workflow and accuracy of execution. The ideal dimensions of an office or residential building must relate to the surrounding urban context.

We always think of the soul and the personality of the future inhabitants, who shall spend most of their time in a certain living space. Buildings developed by MAD Projects always have a personal touch, easy to note, standing out for their assimilation and reinterpretation of original stylistic areas, for creative organization of spaces, adapted to the times we live in, under a philosophy centered on the principle that shapes must be animated by actual functions. History & Efficiency is the guiding principle of MAD Projects

The eclectic architecture of the cities, from the 19th century, through the interwar period until the Communist age has an enormous value which must be restored and emphasized, obtaining the well-deserved status.

At MAD Projects we focus on recovering spaces, places and architectural works fallen into oblivion or damaged, to find the necessary financing, to develop their consolidation and restoration, to select the best contractors in order to finally bring them back to a new glow, appropriate for the 21st century. We create spaces that are alive, designed for the functions of a changing world. We try to make new, modern attributes to traditional values. Mad Projects is geared towards the central urban areas, to the heart of the cities with equal attention to the commercial ways, office spaces or residential buildings. Make a difference refers to a different living concept: ceilings over 3.5 meters high, ceiling-to-floor curtains, ceiling mounted air conditioning systems, brick walls not plasterboard, professional soundproofing, green spaces and terraces. Interior design and finishing style may changed with time and fashion, but the DNA, the structure and architectural signature of a building can never be changed. Just like us, people, behind expensive clothes and bright makeup, the most important for a home is its natural beauty endowed with at the time of its planning, and not accessories such as tiles, flooring or faucets in bathrooms.

MAD Projects does not aim to build buildings, but to shape urban areas for the next hundred years. Follow our projects and you will slowly discover the hidden thread of our vision about space, city and architectural tradition.