La Maison

Eclectic is the new classic

Technical Details


General building details

Foundation: reinforced concrete slab , height: 85 cm, C30/37

Structural frame: reinforced concrete frames and slab plates

The structural frame is cast in monolith reinforced concrete (C30/37) and consists at the infrastructure level of a general basement functioning as underground parking  (S1, 60cm thick walls, pillars of sizes ranging from 50x50cm to 60x250cm, girders of 65x60cm, supported by the mat foundation, 85 cm thick, cast in reinforced concrete.

Height of the parking level: 3.00 m. Ceiling layers are 32 cm thick.


Rooms are 3.20 m high on the 2nd and 3rd floors,  while on the ground floor and 1st floor are 4.10 m high.

Superstructure resides in monolith reinforced concrete (C30/37), 30 cm to 36.5 cm thick walls, pillars ranging from 45x45cm to 60x160cm, slab-type ceilings (25 cm) with perimetral girders (30x60cm/45x60cm), height of a level is 285.00 cm.

Noise insulation is achieved with several layers of rock wool/natural cork slabs to provide perfect soundproof.

Outer closings are made in brick and ceramic blocks with vertical cavities, 30cm thick, plastering at the inside and insulated at the outside, partially with thermo-system and partially with ventilated facade system made of polystyrene 10cm thick with Bs2d0, secured with wall plugs, sealant, glass fibre, adhesive and surface plastering in grey, white and beige.

Stairs are made in reinforced concrete, with metal and glass railings.

Tiling of the glass elevator area; the panoramic elevator includes a small Japanese garden extending on vertical, with natural light on top.

Ceramic tiling of common areas: sandstone tiles 60×60 cm, R9 and natural stone / marble, retro French style.

Illumination of common spaces and outdoor spaces: retro architectural design; LED ceiling lighting system: insulated concrete terrace, not for traffic

Concrete slope, vapour barrier, two-layer hydro insulation of hot wetting, thermo-insulation of expanded polystyrene 20cm thick, protecting slab, 10 cm thermo-insulation.

Aluminium Joinery:

Shuco /Cortizo – Hi Insulation  system on the new facades, wooden joinery with double-glazed Windows on the restored historic facade

Exterior Windows and doors are made of aluminum joinery. Exterior lintels are made of aluminium and the interior ones are made in stone

Draining, Plumbing and Bathroom Design:

Our partners are Delta Design si  Pazo Group, packages available for bathroom facilities include Grohe, Ideal Standard , Villeroy Boch. Bathrooms are equipped with: sink & faucet, toilet, bathtub & shower console.
Cold water shall be provided from the public grid.
Rainwater is collected by a draining system inside the estate; used waters  are exhausted into the public sewage system.
Individual water meters.

Heating and Cooling:

Heating is insured through a central Viessman system made of three condensing boilers installed in the technical space at the basement of the apartment building.

Air conditioning is achieved with independent Daikin systems, in each apartment. The system consists of an outdoor inverter installed on one of the perimetral terraces and fan-coil units ceiling mounted, with perimetral grids mounted along glass areas.

Heaters:  the classical heaters are replaced with fan-coil units floor mounted along glass areas. No heater shall be visible.

Towel-rack heaters are mounted in bathrooms

Additional under floor heating is provided in bathrooms, for residents’ comfort.
The building is provided with methane gas from the public grid.

Individual gas meters.

Electrical Installations:

Each apartment is provided with a smart home system – it can be operated remotely on the smart phone to control heating, cooling and lighting systems.

Command panels in black metal/glass, installed in all rooms. TV and internet sockets installed in living rooms and bedrooms.
Low voltage installation is made of copper leads FY1.5 lighting and FY2.5 sockets, in protection tubes.
General electric switchboard , electric fanning in bathrooms, intercom, sockets/switches .
Illumination of common spaces and outdoor spaces with LED ceiling lighting system (green energy- low electric consumption)

Individual electric meters

The building is connected to the public electricity grid.

Schindler elevator, capacity: 8 persons; speed: 1.6 m/s

Hydro insulation:

-Bathrooms: Mapei type mono-component

– Balconies: Mapei type by-component

Plumbing: PPR

Heating plumbing: pex

Electrical plumbing: copper

Equipment and finishing of apartments – according to the contracting time, the Client may set up all details of the desired apartment. Interior design and furnishing options are provided. Any type of finishing can be purchased: natural stone, bathroom appliances, ceramic tiles and floors from one of our partners- PaZO GRUP or DELTA Design.

Purchases may range from EUR 22 000  to maximum EUR 55 000. Cost of installation, accessories and finishing details, as well as interior design plans are included.

Brickyard wall tiles, 25×75 cm
Brickyard floor tiles, 45×45 cm

Terrace:  Wood effect MasoFrasino tiling, 15×60 cm


Solid oak flooring in hallways, living room and bedrooms; oak boards details: 1292×192 mm, 18 mm thick; polished, traffic resistant.

Apartment floorings are twofold: a choice of porcelain sandstone tiles or natural stone, in different sizes, R9, for bathrooms and kitchens; porcelain sandstone tiles in different sizes, R11, for terraces/balconies and 8-mm laminated floorings for domestic traffic. Common areas have natural stone floorings.

Bathroom appliances  – indicative configuration

Monoblock toilet – Galassia Italy, Eden series, Geberit flushing mechanism

Floating sink – Galassia Italy, Eden series, size: 60×48

Shower tub – Galassia Italy, Venus series, size: 80×80, h10

Shower panel – Robinetteria 3M Italy, Zip series

Bathtub –Ideal Standard, Vidima series, size: 170cm, front panel included

Bathtub&shower system  – Robinetteria 3M Italy, Zip series

Apartment doors

Front doors: Piacentini – Italy

Entry door: shielded steel, Piacentini Italy, Dolmen series, safety level: 3, thermal transfer 2,44w/m2k, air permeability level: 1, soundproofing 31db, viewing hole

Interior doors: Porta Doors, size: 80/210 cm


Cable UTP CAT5e. Provider: UPC and RCS-RDS. TV and internet sockets in living rooms and bedrooms.


The apartment building has private indoor heated parking , with fire damper system.

The elevator goes down to the parking level.

Outdoor parking, ground level, for 12 vehicles

Each apartment has one parking spot and an additional number of 4 spots for guests.

Parking space for 12 bicycles

Car power outlet installed